I owe a great deal of thanks to my family and friends who have encouraged me with my new venture, fiction writing.

My awesome friend and editor Vicki Tosher has been a professional and friendly instructor.

Friends John Z. and Sue M. have both encouraged me and offered helpful feedback on drafts of The Measure of a Man.

None of my writing as an attorney and as fiction writer would have been as rich and (mostly) error free without my sharp-eyed and patient assistants Judy C. and Ginny P.

To those of you who have already taken the time to read my work and to those who do in the future, thank you for you time. I hope you enjoyed the experience.

Last and most importantly my family, especially my wife Sharon, has offered me help and encouragement from the beginning. They’ve been supportive even after reading my very rough early work.

The next time I allow a character to prevail over overwhelming challenges,  he or she will have all of you to thank.

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